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விளாங்குறிச்சி மனவளக்கலை மன்ற தவ மையம்


SKY YOGA is an efficient tool to obtain physical and mental fitness. It educates methods of living with divinity and provides results like development of knowledge and memory power, healthy body and peaceful soul.

Discover a range of enriching yoga classes at Kovai SKY Yoga Center, Vilankurichi, including Kundalini Yoga and meditation sessions. Located in Coimbatore, our yoga center offers transformative experiences for all levels. Embark on your spiritual journey with us today!




Opens inner consciousness

Meditation is a key to open chakras and paves the pathway towards universe and godliness.

Peace of mind

Meditation gives peace of mind that results in mental wellness

Dissolves Karma

Regular practices of  yoga and meditation deep-roots into genetic center and dissolves hereditary karmas
Benefits of Yoga
  1. Reduces the mental frequency.
  2. Enhances awareness.
  3. Improves intellectual sharpness and understanding.
  4. Increases the will power and concentration.
  5. Yoga increases mental strength.
  6. Yoga improves immunity.
  7. Yoga helps in physical strength and weight loss.
  8. It provides balance and flexibility.
  9. Helps you sleep better.
  10. Yoga improves self-esteem.